Acceptable Use Policy

As a customer of WV AIRNET, LLC d/b/a SecureNet (hereinafter “Company”), by placing a service order, accepting service and/or using our service, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions. Violations of any section of the Acceptable Use Policy or Terms of Service can result in termination of your account with no warning.

No one owns the Internet and there is no centralized contact point. The Company does not control or assume any responsibility for any information you may receive while using our services, nor does the Company monitor the data that may be sent or otherwise transmitted to you.

The Company does not accept any responsibility for any injury to you that may result from inaccurate, unsuitable or offensive Internet communications you may send and/or receive. As a customer, it is your responsibility to control your use of this service and to make appropriate use of monitoring software that is widely available from many third-party vendors that provides filtering, content and/or parental control for offensive and/or obscene material.

The Company prohibits customers from engaging and/or committing the following acts and/or activities while using our service:

• Spam Email: Sending unsolicited, commercial mass e-mailing to others.

• Copyright Violations: Violation of copyrights held by others, including individuals and corporation or other entities can result in civil and/or criminal liability. If you use your account via the Company’s service to distribute information, you should be aware and abide by applicable copyright laws.

• Obscene Material: The Company prohibits the use of our network for the purpose of sending or otherwise distributing obscene or indecent material. The Company reserves the right to make reasonable judgment in its sole discretion as to what constitutes obscene or indecent material.

• Illegal Activity: Any act or activity that is a violation of federal, state and/or local law is prohibited.

• Any other act, activity or action by the Customer that the Company determines, in its sole discretion, is unethical, inappropriate, offensive and/or damaging to our other customers, users of the Internet in general, or our corporate reputation.

The Company routinely monitors its network. If the Company becomes aware of any violation of the terms and conditions herein, the Company may revoke and cancel your account immediately without notice. Any and all applicable fees outlined herein will apply.

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