Simple pricing
for everyone. No more force-bundling.

And say cheers to not having to call every six months because your bill raised unexpectedly. We keep our pricing simple, low and fair. With no data caps, and no astericks*.

Residential Internet Pricing

For Businesses, please see our Business pricing

Kenna Homes is still currently undergoing the upgrade process.

Per month

Recommended for casual internet use.  Single device streaming Netflix, Hulu or video content.  Normal web browsing, email, Facebook and online shopping.

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Currently, Kenna Homes is limited to this package until Spring 2023
Per month

Recommended for heavier internet use.  Multiple device streaming Netflix, Hulu or video content.  Multiple people with multiple devices connected to Wi-Fi.  (Phones, tablets, laptops, etc…)

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Per month

Recommended for the heavy internet users.  Gaming systems, multiple device streaming video content.  Multiple devices connected to Wi-Fi.

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Managed Wifi 6
Whole Home Coverage
Per month

We can help you manage your Wifi signal across your entire house for one flat fee. This is for users who aren't interested in dealing with signal issues on their own.

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What is Fiber? How is it different than Cable?

Fiber internet is unlike cable internet that most people are used to.  While cable companies offer “higher speeds”, they share those speeds across all your neighbors.  That can cause slow internet during evenings and weekends when most people are online.  Fiber internet is a dedicated connection transmitted at the speed of light.  So, while streaming services like Netflix or Hulu only require around 5mbps, cable companies artificially inflate the need for more and more “speed”.  Give us a call if you want to discuss the “techie stuff”, or just enjoy your new Fiber internet and leave all of the “techie stuff” to us.

Streaming TV

Ditch your old cable, save some money and stream your TV instead. Fiber internet and streaming go together perfectly, and with our synchronous upload and download speeds, the entire family can stream what they want, when they want.

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