Frequently Asked Questions

Ask us anything, we'll put it here for all to see.

What are your internet speeds?

FiberFlex is rated at 500Mpbs, FiberPlay is rated at 1Gbps and FiberMax is 2Gbps. We utilize a much lower shared bandwidth ratio than cable companies. If you're paying for 400-1000 mbps from your cable provider, but slow down in the evenings and weekends, it's because your neighbors are using your bandwidth also. We monitor traffic statistics very closely to ensure you have great internet service.

I already have an email account with X provider and don't want to change my email address.

SecureNet does not provide or require you to change your email address. However, we are not able to provide you with any information regarding other providers email address policies. We do not provide SecureNet email addresses to the public. There are many services that offer free email such as Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft.

What is involved in the installation of fiber service?

See our Process page.

Is your internet service secure and/or filtered?

We are building a private network focused on security, but it is still connected to the internet. We deliver unrestricted internet bandwidth to your home and you are still responsible for protecting your computer or network with Anti-Virus software, firewalls, etc. We can help set any of this up for you if you need assistance. We will be adding filtered internet over the Summer of 2023 to restrict viewing of certain material. This will be an add-on service and will not apply to regular internet accounts.

Is there a data cap?

No. However, some servers (ie web, ftp, realaudio, file sharing, et al) are prohibited for residential customers. Customer found in violation of this policy are subject to temporary suspension of service until the server has been removed. Any subsequent offense will result in service termination.

What is your return/refund policy?

If you decide to terminate service with SecureNet, you must return all installed equipment: ONT or modem, TP-Link Deco extenders, power supplies and cables to 507 D St, Suite 104, South Charleston, WV. Our office hours are located on our contact page. Any equipment not returned within 30 days of termination will be billed to your account.

I submitted a Service Request/Called/Emailed and still have not heard anything.

We are a local company with a local and dedicated team. Unfortunately, we are not a large call center staffed with hundreds of people. Your call being answered depends on the volume of calls at the time, but please feel free to call back if you don't get an immediate answer. You can also see our contact page for other ways to get in touch with us. Service Requests are processed in the order that they come in and may take up to a week to see a response depending on the workload. Please be patient with us.