Cut the cord. Say goodbye to old Cable and all of their fees.

Watch what you want. Save money. Say goodbye to Cable fees and oversized set top boxes.

Popular Streaming Devices

Amazon Fire Stick


Next to Roku, the most popular streaming device on the market and for good reason. Great picture quality integrated with Alexa voice controls.

Roku Streaming Stick


Not much needs to be said about this one. Tons of features packed in a small device including brilliant picture quality, voice controls, 4K and HD support.



A premium device at a premium price, but the features are worth it. If you have an iPhone or are otherwise invested in the Apple ecosystem, this is the ultimate streaming device for you.

Google Chromecast


Google's longstanding streaming product is back with a new version that integrates their new YouTubeTV service, including 4K support and Google Assistant voice controls.

What is Fiber? How is it different than Cable?

Fiber internet is unlike cable internet that most people are used to.  While cable companies offer “higher speeds”, they share those speeds across all your neighbors.  That can cause slow internet during evenings and weekends when most people are online.  Fiber internet is a dedicated connection transmitted at the speed of light.  So, while streaming services like Netflix or Hulu only require around 5mbps, cable companies artificially inflate the need for more and more “speed”.  Give us a call if you want to discuss the “techie stuff”, or just enjoy your new Fiber internet and leave all of the “techie stuff” to us.

Popular Streaming TV Services

From $9.99 per month
From $64.99 per month / Live TV
From $64.99 per month / Live TV
From $9.99 per month

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