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Business Fiberoptic Internet (ISP)

SecureNet is proud to provide industry leading gigabit fiberoptic internet services to the office and home office. Our state-of-the-art passive optical network provides dependable, fast, and exceptionally affordable high-speed internet to meet your most demanding network needs. Our core network hub is fault-tolerant and multihomed, providing exceptional up-time and traffic management for robust internet connectivity on which you can rely.

Using fiber to the building, fiber to the home, or fiber to the desktop, we can meet the most demanding data tasks that modern businesses require. For the small and office, we offer high speed 250-megabit, 500-megabit, and 1-gigabit services, at highly competitive rates. Likewise, we offer gigabit and higher dedicated fiberoptic connectivity for the enterprise. No matter how large or small your business, we have solutions to give you a rock-solid internet infrastructure foundation. We also offer Metro Ethernet, Wave Circuits, Point-to-Point connections and more.

Managed Wi-Fi and Mesh Networking Services
Wireless networking is an essential component of a functioning business, offering easy connectivity for laptops, smartphones, network attached devices and more. SecureNet specializes in high-uptime managed wi-fi and whole premise wireless mesh networking. Using state of the art wireless technology, we can create a seamless wireless network to cover your entire office, building, or campus.

Our management system allows us to monitor your wireless network and manage your secure business and public/guest courtesy networks. Our advanced technology allows you to work securely and uninterrupted, all while offering visitors a reliable network connection while on your premises. Though connectivity monitoring, our team can solve problems rapidly, giving you maximum connectivity and peace of mind for your entire Wi-Fi 5, 6, 6e or 7 network.

Fiberoptic and Ethernet Cable Services
SecureNet offers an experienced team of cable installation and engineering services for both fiberoptic and copper networking. From wiring your existing office, to conducting major civil projects that span entire cities, SecureNet offers competent and competitive network cabling services no matter the size or need. We specialize in underground and aerial fiberoptic network installation, PON, active ethernet, as well as traditional ethernet cable networking, routing, and switching.

Our team excels as passive optical networking (PON) and single mode fiber distribution solutions for long distances. We have experience with traditional ethernet too and can work to install networks in existing structures or new construction. We have a fleet of bucket trucks, ladder trucks, and the ability to tunnel for underground service too. So, when you think of networking, look no further than SecureNet for your needs.

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